Make instant credit decisions on a robust and scalable credit decisioning engine

The financial services industry is evolving rapidly. Banks are required to increase profitability, drive customer acquisition, and improve efficiency.

The ACTICO Credit Decision Platform is a best-in-class credit decisioning engine that gives you the agility, flexibility and auditability that you need.


Flexibly implement, deploy and execute credit decision models on a centralized and scalable decisioning platform

Credit Decision Modeling


  • Use a fully graphical drag-and-drop business rules editor to design, create, and test business rules, scorecards and decision strategies
  • Integrate any existing models (e.g. ML models) implemented in industry-standard tools and languages (e.g. Python, R, H2O, SAS)

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Model Deployment and Execution


  • Seamlessly deploy new or updated risk models and decision micro services
  • Integrate into existing origination workflows and execute decision services
  • Execute bank-internal decision strategies in real-time

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Data Integration


  • Enrich data from internal data sources and systems
  • Seamlessly integrate external data providers (e.g. credit bureaus, fraud detection services)

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Decision Simulation


  • Simulate risk models and decision strategies against historical data sets
  • Evaluate different scenarios for optimized decision strategies

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Flexible configuration of decision models and strategies
  • Design, implement and test decision models and strategies using a fully graphical drag-and-drop editor
  • Version management in a centralized GIT-based model repository
  • Put the control over risk models in the hands of the business and risk management teams.
  • Seamlessly manage and integrate existing models implemented in Python, Java, R, SAS, H2O (e.g. ML models)

Rapid deployment and execution of decision models
  • Deploy and operationalize decision strategies and machine learning models in real-time
  • Seamlessly integrate decision models into existing workflows and systems using powerful standard APIs
  • Automate credit application and decision workflows
  • Achieve regulatory compliance by making fully documented and traceable decisions

Integrate internal and external data sources
  • Make smarter decisions by being fully agnostic to external data providers
  • Enrich data from external data sources such as credit bureaus and fraud identification services
  • Easily integrate external Credit Bureaus without coding
  • Monitor performance and uptime of external data services
  • Cache data for improved performance and cost efficiency

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Simulate and hone your risk models and decision strategies
  • Simulate and evaluate different decision scenarios against historical credit application data
  • Analyze the impact of model changes on a portfolio level
  • Run models in parallel (champion-challenger execution)
  • Automated testing of models for rapid deployment

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