Name Matching Transaction

ACTICO NMT checks incoming and outgoing payments before they are posted. This involves checking payments against blacklists. Critical transactions are reviewed or stopped in time.

  • Checks high volumes of transactions before posting
  • Integrates into payment systems (e.g. SWIFT, SEPA, SIC)

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Key Features

Making Fast, Transparent Decisions about The Execution of Pending Payments

Monitoring of Payment Transactions

Checks sender and recipient data of national and international payments against blacklists before executing, and flags up suspicious transactions.

Stopping Suspicious Payments

Non-suspicious payments are released automatically. Suspicious payments are put on hold and then released or stopped after clarification.

Fast Clarifications

A clear visual comparison means that abnormal payments are quick and easy to spot and clarify via an intuitive dialogue box. Workflows are also stored so that risky transactions can be processed efficiently through review by several parties.

White Listing

It is possible to define exceptions so that no hit is generated. This prevents unnecessary hits and reduces the false positive rate.

External Checklists

The application supports checks against all common embargo lists, such as the EU list, OFAC list, Federal Gazette list, LexisNexis, Refinitv and Dow Jones.

Internal Checklists

Internal lists can be compiled by bank, keyword, country or in-house blacklist and included in the checks as required.

The ACTICO Approach

Harness Automation to Make Transaction Monitoring more Effective.

Machine Learning

Use machine learning to make decisions more efficiently and increase automation.


Fine-grained configuration – with customizable and precisely adjustable hit configuration

Compliance Suite

ACTICO Compliance Suite – powerful software for compliance and fraud management

Machine Learning

As a component of the Compliance Suite, ACTICO Machine Learning integrates seamlessly with the other functional modules. ACTICO Machine Learning supplements embargo checks with machine learning processes.

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ACTICO NMT has a fine-grained configuration for generating hits, which allows checks to be precisely adjusted to meet different requirements. This leads to a reduction in false positives and implements the risk-based approach.

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Compliance Suite

ACTICO Compliance Suite is a powerful software for compliance and fraud management. All the relevant information comes together in this single application, which handles all necessary tasks, such as clarifying hits, storing documents and producing regular reports.

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Lower Costs, Reduced Risk

Powerful Standard Software

With ACTICO NMT, you have all the benefits of industry-proven standard software. ACTICO NMT is based on powerful data processing technology. It is a reliable tool for handling high transaction volumes.

Flexible and Adjustable

ACTICO NMT can be adapted to suit your specific requirements. Thanks to its fine-grained configuration, you can precisely adjust the checks to suit your needs. It reduces false positives and the associated costs.

Total Compliance

ACTICO NMT helps financial institutions and insurers to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements for combating international terrorism.

Knowledge Center

Brochure: ACTICO Name Matching Transaction

The software for payment monitoring and matching with relevant checklists.

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Brochure: Machine Learning in the Compliance Suite

Software for fulfilling regulatory requirements with the benefit of machine learning.

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Blog Post: Digitize Compliance with RegTech

How digital can compliance become with RegTech?

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Want to know how to detect fraud and ensure compliance?

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