Digital Business Automation

Apply intelligent technologies to optimize and automate decision-making processes at scale.

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Some of the world’s leading companies use ACTICO.

7 Tips for Successfully Launching a Machine Learning Project

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ACTICO Opens Up New Customer Segments by Acquiring Visual Rules

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Automation Technology Powered by AI

ACTICO Platform is a powerful software for intelligent automation. It combines business rules and machine learning with automation technology to make day-to-day decisions faster and smarter. From financial services to manufacturing or retail to healthcare – ACTICO Platform enables companies to master decision-making processes in the digital world.

  • Combine human knowledge with AI to drive business automation
  • Increase business value through real-time decision-making
  • Implement intelligent enterprise-class applications and services

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Business Solutions for the Digital World

ACTICO offers solutions for various types of business problems. Ranging from ready-to-use business solutions for industry-specific challenges to designing and implementing custom applications that reflects unique business requirements. From managing risks and fulfilling compliance obligations to digital marketing – ACTICO solutions enable intelligent automation.

  • Gain agility and increase revenue
  • Reduce time-to-market and costs
  • Continuously optimize operations
Credit Risk Management

Analyze and monitor credit risks, automate loan and decision-making processes, achieve a long-term competitive advantage – all while maintaining compliance with an ever-increasing set of regulatory requirements.

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Compliance & Fraud

How can financial institutions quickly react to the fast changing regulatory compliance obligations and manage them efficiently? Find out more about current compliance topics for financial service providers.

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Custom Applications

Our core technology ACTICO Platform is used wherever custom applications need to be developed rapidly and adapted quickly. Discover some of the use cases of our tailor-made business solutions.

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Smart People Are the Foundation

Our people are our foundation. We are always looking for smart people that want to put their heads together to create innovative, world-class software.

Innovative Teamwork and Spirit

We want to lead the way with good IT specialists and turn the way you do business upside down digitally. No matter what challenges we face – we counter them with innovation.

That’s why we need you: as consultants, software developers and engineers or project managers – just to mention a few opportunities. If you are looking for exciting challenges, want your work to make a difference and like being part of a team, then we are the right place for you.

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